Ryan Gosling’s New Film TRASHED & BOOED at Cannes

Photo Credit: A Grand Elephant/Bold Films

“It’s a shit macho fantasy — hyperviolent, ethically repulsive, sad, nonsensical, deathly dull, snail-paced, idiotic, possibly woman-hating, visually suffocating, pretentious.”[HuffPo]

Ryan Gosling typically enjoys good reviews from fans and critics. But his latest movie with director Nicholas Winding Refn is proving to be atypical – in a bad, bad way.

So hated was the movie at its first screening at the Cannes Film Festival this week that it was slammed by virtually every major critic who saw it. A choice sampling:

Peter Debruge (Variety): “The wallpaper emotes more than Ryan Gosling does in Only God Forgives, an exercise in supreme style and minimal substance.”

Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere): “Movies really don’t get much worse than Nicholas Winding Refn‘s Only God Forgives . . . This is a defecation by an over-praised, over-indulged director who thinks anything he craps out is worthy of your time. I felt violated, shat upon, sedated, narcotized, appalled and bored stiff.”

Many in attendance also reported several walk-outs and boos during screenings. Yikes.

Is it really that bad? Guess we’ll find out when it releases July 19. (Is it telling that Gosling himself skipped the premiere to stay back in the States and work on his next film?)