Soon-To-Be Pregnant Jessica Biel Hits Battery Park With Her Two Dogs!

Jessica Biel takes her dogs out for a walk at Battery Park in New York City

Since it’s never too early to speculate celebrity pregnancies, we’ll drop our two cents right now to serve as filler text for these photos. I have a feeling Jessica Biel will either get knocked up later this year OR early next year after J.T. wraps up his 20/20 Experience World Tour on February 10. I’m leaning toward the latter date only because it’s so close to both Valentine’s Day & not to mention, Jessica’s 32nd birthday, which is on March 3. If those dates hold, we’re looking at a November/December, 2014 baby. HA.

Aside from the 20/20 Experience World Tour which runs from late October & runs through early Feb., J.T. will also cruise around w/ Jay-Z on the Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour. The month-long tour kicks off mid-July in London’s Olympic Park & ends in Miami on August 16.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Jessica was seen going on a lonely walk through Battery Park with her two massive dogs. As we’ve said in the past, the bigger the dogs, the more pimped-out the Lower Manhattan pad, so it would be very interesting to get a peek inside J.T. & J.Biel’s luxurious NYC digs.

  • bryanzee

    Nice to see her with real dogs and not those little shit accessories.

  • curvefan

    The sexier the body, the greater the need for big dogs.  Jessica needs really big dogs.

  • curvefan

    I may have to break out a black band for my hooter if both JHL and Biel are pregnant.

  • skilligan

    the fact she has those dogs has always made her more attractive to me