Mama Mia! Guess Who’s Not Coming to Aniston’s Wedding?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“They are having a small, intimate wedding, and a lot of people have been left off, but Nancy’s name is the first.” [MovieFone]

The guest list to Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming nuptials to Justin Theorux will not include Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (or any of their constantly multiplying brood). Neither, however, will it include Aniston’s mother, Nancy Dow, with whom Aniston has had a very public falling out dating back to the early days of Friends.

Remember when Momma Aniston tried to find gold at the end of the tabloid rainbow by selling out her famous daughter to the highest bidder? It doesn’t quite approach what went down between Mia Farrow’s kids and their (ahem) father Woody Allen, but clearly the wounds have not healed.

If Dow does show up and crash the wedding, we can rightly expect Matthew Perry to diffuse the tension with his characteristic sarcasm.