Heat even up the Finals at 2 games a piece


Once again, after a critical loss, the Heat respond in their usual fashion and win the following game by a significant margin. Game 4 actually looked like a pretty even game until the 4th quarter when the Heat were led by their two best players and finished strong to tie the series at 2-2. Where did this Dywane Wade come from? Wade had been pretty bad throughout the series, making people wonder just how serious his injury is or if he’s closer to the end of his prime than was predicted. LeBron was also great (33 pts, 11 reb, 4 ast) but Wade stepping up (32 pts) to answer the critics was the difference for Miami. Even though the Spurs came out strong to start the game (8 point lead in the 1st) it was the Heat controlling the rest of the game, mostly with their defense. Miami was able to force some bad shots by San Antonio and couple that with Tony Parker’s limited action in the second half meant all the momentum was on the Heat’s side. Parker had a great first half, slicing the Heat’s defense but the second half was a different story as the point guard went scoreless after halftime. The fourth quarter was entirely Miami’s and the Spurs’ supporting cast wasn’t able to do anything to stop the Heat’s offense.

So it’s apparent that Parker’s hamstring injury is going limit him but who else on the Spurs is going to step up? That’s probably the biggest question for San Antonio heading into a massive game 5 on Sunday. You’ll hear it all weekend: the team who wins game 5 will in the series. Now, it’s not a forgone conclusion but the math (83% success rate) certainly backs the team who is victorious. So which team has the advantage heading into Sunday’s game? Well momentum favors the Heat but as we’ve seen in this series, there hasn’t be a team to win two in a row. Both teams are trading punches and are showing that they can win it all, it’s just a matter of which team steps it for that particular night. Before the series started, I thought it was going to a deciding 7th game and that certainly holds true. It’s going at least six and i’m glad that we’re seeing such a great series so far. Even if most of the games have been won by large margins, it’s still obvious that these are the two best teams in basketball and bringing their “A” games. I’m going with the stats on this one and saying that the winner of game 5 will win the series but we’ll have to wait and see.

Side note: Forgive me for not posting after game 3. It was certainly worth discussing but unfortunately i’m dealing with a family emergency at the moment. I’ve already informed Moe that my availability for the rest of the series is questionable at this time but i’m trying to remain positive. I appreciate the patience.