LONDON: Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley @ ‘Hummingbird’ Premiere

The UK film premiere of Hummingbird at Odeon West End, Leicester Square

For the sake over millions of dudes who want a piece of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I just hope all the “that’s just Jason Statham’s beautiful beard” rumors are false. Granted Rosie’s probably a boney snoozer behind closed doors, I’m gonna have to assume an aging action star like Jason Statham has to feel nice each time he gets a nibble. The somewhat odd-looking pair hit the red carpet premiere for J. Statham’s latest tough-guy film, ‘Hummingbird’.

The dark British thriller directed by Steven Knight doesn’t seem like the usual Jason Statham action flick. According to the film’s Wiki, ‘Hummingbird’ was almost entirely filmed throughout the hours of night and Jason Statham had to do a lot of research into the mental health issues before shooting. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an Oscar.

Here’s some plot action:

Returning from a traumatic tour of duty in Afghanistan, Joseph ‘Joey’ Jones (Jason Statham), an ex-Royal Marine, returns to Great Britain to face another kind of war—life on the London streets as a homeless and damaged veteran. In an attempt to refresh himself, after being brutally beaten by a gang of men on a cold street corner, Joey breaks into an apartment and assumes another man’s identity and seeks the aid of Sister Cristina (Agata Buzek), a young nun who works at an inner-city parish. But Joey’s military training makes him a valuable asset, and he soon finds himself caught in the dark complex of London’s criminal underworld. Struggling to keep hold of his sanity, Joey offers his profits to those who need it most. But when he learns his missing girlfriend was brutally murdered by a ruthless kingpin, he risks everything for revenge, hurtling down a deadly path that promises to destroy him completely, or be his final and only hope at redeeming himself… Source

'Hummingbird' after party

  • DrewMoney

    Whoa, she looks gorgeous! Nice, long, sexy legs.

  • skilligan

    the tint of her hair looks great

  • Bobby

    I love her! Always have always will. Amazing style, always looks impeccable and put together, naturally beautiful. People may say she has flaws but her imperfections make her perfect for me, just incredible.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Very sexy. Nice legs, nice hair, beautiful lips.

  • errsome

    Oozes sex appeal. she’s not conventionally pretty, but I like her a lot.