MIAMI: Radamel Falcao & Lorelei Taron Need To Spend More Time Inside Their Hotel Room

Footballer Radamel Falcao and pregnant wife Lorelei displaying their love in Miami Beach

As some of you guys might remember, we featured Radamel Falcao & his pregnant wife Lorelei Taron earlier this week as part of our new series “Who The F Are These People?” featuring mainly European soccer stars vacationing with their temporary significant others in Miami Beach.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple got a little too close while floating around in the water. Studies have found pregnant women to be much hornier during pregnancy, so we’re gonna assume it’s all Lorelei’s fault. I could swear Radamel was looking at other chicks on the beach as his pregnant wife desperately tried to keep his attention.

Soccer Player Radamel Falcao and his pregnant wife kissing and cuddling on the water in Miami Beach