Leilani Dowding & Victor Webster Grabbed Starbucks Together

Leilani Dowding, Victor Webster

Leilani Dowding was spotted on what’s being called a date with Canadian actor and star of Continuum, Victor Webster. The two were on a “date” at the local Starbucks and according to the photo caption seemed to be very intimate together. Whereas Victor was all over the place with his product placements for RVCA, Adidas, and Nike, Leilani took the opportunity to display the ‘Summer day dress’ now available online at her Leiluna Collection by Leilani. In stock and priced at $119.00, you too can wear exactly what Leilani is wearing above! And you should know, per Leilani, that every dress sold will save a square meter of rainforest.

  • skilligan

    don’t love her dress because i love her body

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Trying to decide if she looks sexy or retarded in that dress and those shoes. I like high heeled sandals like that but her toes are hanging over which sometimes means the chick is too vain to admit that her foot is a size 8 and not a size 7 like she wants to believe.

  • Major_B

    dude you r retarted her feet are gorgeous chek them out on wikkifeet not sure the size but damn shes hot evrery inch

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  • RoxyGilmour

    Victor Webster? OOOOWWWWW!!!!

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