VS Model Lais Ribeiro Just Earned Herself A Lot Of Fans

**EXCLUSIVE** Victoria's Secret models Lais Ribeiro and Elsa Hosk hit the beach to model a number of outfits and bikinis in Miami

You gotta feel sorry for Swedish model Elsa Hosk who had to stand next to the absolutely stunning bikini-clad & Brazilian-flavored Lais Ribeiro on a Victoria’s Secret shoot in Miami Beach earlier this morning. Whoever was behind the shoot definitely doesn’t think too highly of Elsa or maybe it’s the exact opposite where the person feels that Elsa’s shear beauty will overshadow the fact that she’s standing fully-clothed next to a near-flawless bikini model.

Of course, opinions will vary b/c we all know how many haters are out there, but I’m really digging Lais Ribeiro and I really feel like she can hold her own, even against someone like Candice–there, I said it! Or it’s possible the fact that I got only 3 hours of sleep last night is taking it’s toll on my ability to gauge hotness level.

**EXCLUSIVE** Victoria's Secret models Lais Ribeiro and Elsa Hosk hit the beach to model a number of outfits and bikinis in Miami

  • Christian

    i don’t know why, but my comment got deleted. so here again:

    i think lais is nothing special at all. she’s a bit too skinny and her face is just average. if i saw her on the street i wouldn’t even look at her.
    elsa on the other site is very pretty- not my favorite model, but def a lot better than lais.

    • Backwoodsman

      Well heck, if she were on a street in my town, she’d probably make the local news.  Pretty girl with a torso like hers would have heads turning all day ’round here…

  • bryanzee

    Lais has an amazing body.

  • McP

    I don’t know, a bit lanky and outies creep me out.

  • skilligan

    she has won me over, great body

  • errsome

    Outie aside, I lais her very much.

  • Mundo Lopez

    I don’t see nothing special about this girl…not pretty, not a Wow body…average at most….

  • curvefan

    nice but neither can see elite status with high powered binoculars.

  • NickCelentano


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