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Porto Cervo: Ezequiel Schelotto & Girlfriend Mariana Diarco Have Fun At The Beach

Ezequiel Schelotto on holiday with his girlfriend Mariana Diarco in Porto Cervo

In our relentless coverage of European soccer stars vacationing with their WAGs, here’s our latest in a series of posts we like to call ‘Who The F Are These People?‘ (let’s not forget that we write to a mainly American base).

Italian-Argentine soccer player Ezequiel Schelotto (more info on his Wiki) was spotted enjoying the fruits of his labor as he played around with his girlfriend Mariana Diarco on the beach in ultra-luxurious Porto Cervo. Mariana wore a turquoise top & black thong bikini bottom.

Ezequiele Mattia Schelotto with girl friend in Porto Cervo

NYC: BREAKING!! Kendall Jenner Grabs Takes A Break At L’Arte del Gelato!!

Exclusive - Kendall Jenner Takes A Break And Enjoys Gelato

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in NYC.

For all you gelato fiends, aside from L’Arte del Gelato, another great place to hit up is Amorino (University/10th St.), but get ready to cough up top dollar for the fix. It’s definitely not something you do everyday unless you have a sugar daddy covering the tab.

As for Kendall’s latest outing, it appears her evil mom sent her to NYC with only bikini-short-shorts b/c you can pretty much see Kendall’s ass-cheeks in those things. I just wondering what the hell will chicks start walking around in in a few years? Bikini bottoms?

NYC: Miley Cyrus Continues Making A Skanky-Ho Promo Splash

Miley Cyrus Visits "Good Morning America"

And I’m sure her creepy fan base consisting mainly of dudes who consume all her music videos (on mute) and scantily-clad photos are enjoying the show, but it’ll be interesting to see how Miley’s latest outings influences her millions of young female followers. Get ready for chicks in their mid-to-late-teens to start walking around looking like underage prostitutes—not like a lot of chicks that age don’t already do that, of course.

For her appearance on the ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, Miley wore an ‘I Love NYC’ sequenced top coupled with high wasted furry panties & thigh-high F-Me boots. Soon after the performance, Miley was seen rocking a midriff-revealing sports bra top along with baggy hammer pants & gold sandals as she arrived back the luxurious Greenwich Hotel in Lower Manhattan.

For those of you who missed Miley’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ last night, check our earlier post. Here’s a clip of her ‘GMA’ performance earlier this morning in NYC:

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Top 5 Best Dressed at The 4th Annual Thirst Gala in Beverly Hills

Crystal Reed, Amy Paffrath, Audrina Patridge, Charisma Carpenter, Cassie Scerbo

Pictured: Crystal Reed, Amy Paffrath, Audrina Patridge, Charisma Carpenter, Cassie Scerbo

The 4th Annual Thirst Gala took place at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Hosted by Criminal Minds Kirsten Vangsness, the event honored Pauley Perrette and Robbie Brenner for their efforts in fighting the global water crisis. The Thirst Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to building fresh water wells and providing developing countries with clean water, and their celebrity supporters come together for an evening to honor those that have made a different in the fight against the global water crisis. Visit The Thirst Project for more information and how you can get involved.

So, Is Martha Stewart Behind Paula Deen’s Downfall? Appears on ‘Today’ & Confirms That She’s A Racist

Martha Stewart Might Be Behind The Paula Deen Scandal 1

Credit: NBC/’Today’

As most of you guys probably heard, Paula Deen kicked off her pity tour earlier this morning by gathering all her tears over the past few days and finally making her ‘Today’ show appearance she was supposed to make last Friday.

Curiously, during her interview w/ Matt Lauer, Paula said, “There’s someone evil out there that saw what I had worked for and they wanted it.” With that said, we gotta address the rumors that Martha Stewart is supposedly behind Paula’s public demise. On the surface it would appear Martha Stewart would have a lot to gain from Paula’s global brand crashing & burning, but I don’t think Martha’s that devious. The home & kitchen industry is pretty damn cutthroat, but I truly feel like Paula Deen brought this upon herself.

Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show

Plus, the last thing she should be doing is talking about possible conspiracies against her. That’s not what people want to hear, Paula. They just want to hear you acknowledge that you have a problem and that you’ll get a lot of therapy to deal with the problem. You gotta own up to the racism and move forward as opposed to simply sobbing on national TV and trying to appear as the victim. Who the fuck is running the P.R. show behind the scenes anyway? She definitely needs to cough up the millions & hire someone more capable at handling huge problems from a large city that’s not based in the dirty south.

Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show

Here are a few more one-liners from the ‘Today’ interview that will make you roll your eyes…

“I believe that every creature on this Earth, every one of God’s creatures, was created equal… I believe that everyone ought to be treated equal.”

“I’ve had to hold friends in my arms while they’ve sobbed,” Deen sobbed uncontrollably. “Because they know what’s being said about me — it’s not true. And I’m having to comfort them, and tell them it’s going to be all right. If God got us to it, he’ll get us through it.”

When asked whether she regrets telling the truth in the deposition, Paula turned all red & was about to explode with deep-fried regret, but at the last second opted to go with her rehearsed response, “No. Because there’s a couple of kinds of people that I don’t like, that I am prejudiced against: … thieves and liars.”

“If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me,” she said tearfully. “Please — I want to meet you.”

Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show

The crazy events surrounding Aaron Hernandez


Normally a player’s personal life doesn’t interest me much. Sure, I read about what’s going on from time to time but I like to base my opinion solely on their performance on the court/field and nothing else. Mostly because everyone, including non-athletes, have personal problems. Even the greatest sports figures in the history of mankind (Ali, Ruth, Jordan) all had one or two problems away from where their did their best work. In certain cases the situations that athletes put themselves in can skew towards illegal or at the very least “frowned upon” by their teams or fans. I’m not one to get all up in arms (is that how you say it?) if an athlete say, smokes a bit of marijuana or does a little gambling/betting with his friends. As long as it doesn’t turn into an addiction and results into players getting into serious financial troubles that lead into worse circumstances. But when the words “murder” or “rape” or “child/spouse abuse” start getting seriously involved with an athlete, it’s time to get investigate and form an opinion based on the information given. That’s the case with Patriots’ (former) TE Aaron Hernandez because as of this morning, he’s been arrested by Massachusetts State Police.

The police haven’t given an official statement as to exactly why Hernandez was arrested but there’s no doubt that it’s about his alleged involvement with the murder of an “associate” named Odin Lloyd. Authorities have spent a lot time in and around Hernandez’s home for about a week now, trying to find out if he was somehow involved after the body of Lloyd was found only one mile away. Reports have surfaced that the security system in the home was destroyed along with his cell phone. Authorities entered Hernandez’s home this past weekend, spending over 3 hours inside and leaving with more than a dozen bags of evidence. There are also reports that surveillance video from neighbors shows Hernandez with Lloyd and two others only a couple of hours before he was killed.  So as of right now, things look very bleak for Hernandez but then again, i’m not a lawyer nor did I study law. He hasn’t issued a statement but his lawyer has, of course claiming that all these accusations/rumors are false. The Patriots, being the ruthless organization they are, took swift action and within two hours of his arrest released Hernandez from their team. Not surprising at all because I have a feeling that it’s going to be a while before Aaron Hernandez gets complete freedom, let alone plays professional football.

UPDATE: Aaron Hernandez In Court Charged With Murder

Chloe Sims Displays Her Bikini Body Poolside In Spain

Chloe Sims Bikini Photos

Chloe Sims of The Only Way Is Essex showed off her bikini body as she relaxes by the pool in Alicante, Spain. Purposely trying to avoid getting her hair extensions wet, the 31-year old glamour model had no problem showing off her rear-end which last summer went under the knife for a butt lift. She claims to now be more confident in wearing a bikini and happy as ever. As for the viewers, we’re not paying as much attention to what she’s saying but just focusing on the results.

Summer Strallen At “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Press Night In London

Summer Strallen

Summer Strallen makes a leggy debut to the site walking the red carpet at the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” press night held at the Theatre Royal in London. Summer is a 27-year old actress who’s best-known for her theatre work having previous played the role of Maria von Trapp in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s revival of “The Sound of Music” at the London Palladium. As for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the new musical is based on Roald Dahl’s children’s classic. Although there have been mixed reviews, the show has received an extension and will run through May 31st, 2014. Visit “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to purchase tickets and for more information.

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