Hollywood Reacts to Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of loving and committed gay couples, and the so-called Defense of Marriage Act has been ruled unconstitutional. Not only that, but California’s Proposition 8 was struck down, restoring marriage equality to the state of California.”[THR]

Guessing how the Supreme Court was going to decide the DOMA and Prop 8 cases would have been a fool’s errand. But guessing how leading Hollywood power brokers and stars would react to the news is only slightly less predictable than a Charlie Sheen meltdown.

Here’s how the biggest and brightest in Tinsel Town reacted to the news that marriage equality is officially set on the course to becoming the eventual law of land:

Madonna: “What a way to start my day!! I’m wearing a smile from ear to ear. There is a G-D! Justice is served. Hallelujah !!”

Melissa Etheridge: “Let’s hear it for the general progress of the human mind. With a beautiful sweep of sweet justice’s blind hand we move forward. We correct the laws made hastily out of fear.”

Lee Daniels: “It’s a sad day for the gay men who are trying to save their money. But in all seriousness, this day is as important as the day African-Americans were given the right to vote. I’m proud to be an American.”

Cyndi Lauper: “History has been made today and justice has prevailed. To all of you who have been waiting on the sidelines for years, for lifetimes, it’s a huge day.”

Glee creator Ryan Murphy: “Many have suggested that Hollywood, and particularly television, has helped move the country forward on the issue of marriage equality. If that is true, and my work played even a small part in that, I am humbled and reminded of the power of entertainment to enlighten as well as entertain.”