Kristen Stewart Works Her Style At Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week - Chanel F/W 2013-2014 Arrivals

Sure she’s spewing with awkward tension & doesn’t smile much for the cameras, but Kristen Stewart style is definitely on point, regardless of whether she’s on the red carpet with 100s of cameras pointed in her direction or hounded by papz as she catwalks around working her daily laid back & somewhat grunge style.

Kristen worked her leggy A-game when she showed up for the Chanel fashion show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-2014. The more casual pics were snapped earlier today as the 23-year-old actress was seen leaving the Hotel Costes after grabbing a quick lunch. She attempted to make a fashion statement as she rocked a retro Black Flag t-shirt (probably cost her $250) and a single black, fingerless glove on her left hand.

Kristen Stewart - Paris Fashion Week - Chanel F:W 2013-2014 Arrivals adds-4a