Kristen Wiig Says There Will NEVER Be a “Bridesmaids 2”

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

“The key is we have to come up with an idea that is as good or better than the first one. We don’t want to do it unless it can be great.”[Moviefone]

Can we get enough of a bride crapping herself in the middle of the street while actually still in her bridal attire? Turns out we can – or at least we’ll have to.

Comedienne and now bona fide movie star Kristen Wiig says in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar that Bridesmaids was always meant to be a one-picture deal, no matter how well it did at the box-office (it was a runaway hit, in case you didn’t know).

“We knew during the first one, this was it,” she said. “We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that’s not my goal in my creative life.”

Putting creative integrity before potential profit? In Hollywood? Now somebody should make a movie about that.

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