Kristina & Karissa Shannon Display Their Assets In Beverly Hills

Kristina and Karissa Shannon

Kristina and Karissa Shannon aka “The Shannon Twins” showed off their amazing ASSets during a photo shoot by the pool on the 4th of July. Taken in Beverly Hills, the twins were shot by renowned Glamour photographer Raquel Rischard. Honetly we can’t tell which one is which but they’re twins so it’s not that important, right? So in a twin sisters matchup who grabs your attention, the Shannon Twins or the Howe Twins?

  • DrewMoney


  • Spanglylovesheels

    I don’t really like them or the other set. I imagine they are so up in their own asses that it would be impossible to have a conversation with any of them. Pretty (or  girls that have been constantly told they are pretty) are vain enough as it is but I think famous twins would be fucking impossible.

  • skilligan

    i don’t dig either of them at all

  • lenilovesfeet

    They do have nice asses, but the hair, faces, makeup, all bad.

  • supersecret

    I remember they used to get posted on this site a lot but for some reason it just stopped.

  • ErikColquitt

    Id totally Butt Fuck the both of them!

    • Backwoodsman

      It might bust their implants….

  • Mundo Lopez

    Sandwich time….I wouldn’t being squeezed between this buns…

  • bryanzee


  • jwash

    I have to admit those are some nice booties but I can’t stand them for some reason. I wouldn’t mind giving them spankings though.

  • Teratoma

    Butt implants.

  • JimmyBrown1

    the hair and the fact that they just look dirty is to much to ignore.

  • curvefan


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