Adriana Lima Lights It Up For Desigual in Barcelona! OW!

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event

The ageless & beautiful Adriana Lima proved once again that she doesn’t need to be rocking a bikini or lingerie in order to light up the room. Adri was on hand at a Desigual promo event held in Barcelona earlier today striking all her famous poses

1. The classic “make love to the cameras with your eyes” pose
2. The also-classic “look away from the cameras while blowing a sexy kiss” pose
3. The “look away from the cameras whiling blowing a kiss in a sit-down position with her legs fully exposed” pose
4. The “make love to the cameras with your eyes while smiling” pose
5. The “blow a sexy kiss on two fingers while staring into the cameras” pose
6. The “sexy look to the side while making a heart with your fingers” pose

We chose all the best poses, so flip through the gallery and chose your favorite…

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event

  • Mundo Lopez

    Gorgeous woman….Damned You Marco, you beadie eye bastard…

  • lenilovesfeet

    She is so beautiful! A big part of her appeal is her height, if she was 5’5″ she’d still be hot, but not as amazing as she’s now. I love tall brunettes with gorgeous eyes.

    • Yeah Whatever

      lenilovesfeet I don’t see why since brunettes are so common. I find dirt colored hair to be vomitrocious and as for her eyes, they aren’t gorgeous. They are small and shapeless.

      • lenilovesfeet

        I have blonde hair, green eyes and a light skin, and I think I look plain. 
        Tan skin, dark hair and light eyes or hazel eyes is the look I find appealing. 
        As a blonde I need makeup to look decent, brunettes usually have naturally dark, long lashes and thick eyebrows, they don’t have to rely on makeup to look pretty. 
        Probably, if I had black hair/brown eyes I would love blondes with blue eyes. Dunno, I’m attracted to people who have a different coloring than me.

  • skilligan

    the hottest woman of all time

    • Yeah Whatever

      skilligan You must be an ugly ass person if you’re wowed by that average dog.

  • bryanzee


  • McP

    lenilovesfeet And not just any height, but the perfect height.  5’5″ would be ordinary, 6 feet can be awkward for a woman, her height of 5’9″-5″10″ is the goddess height.

  • curvefan


  • Spanglylovesheels

    Her eyes say “fuck me”. oh yes!

  • Yeah Whatever

    Her face isn’t great and that mutt can thank her CAUCASIAN roots for her light eyes.

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