BREAKING!! Julianne Hough Photographed Getting Into Her G-Ride!

Julianne Hough steps out for some shopping in West Hollywood

It’s nice to see that at least Julianne Hough has a few remaining luxury items in her life following her breakup with TV mogul Ryan Seacrest. I know she’s still independently rich through her own means, but let’s face it, “Rock of Ages,” “Safe Haven” and the “Footloose” remake aren’t exactly Hollywood treasures that will be making Julianne tons of dough for years to come.

She had the chance at crazy amounts of wealth if she could’ve just continued playing the Ryan Seacrest’s Cute Beard role, but looks like she couldn’t take not having sex for long periods of time. All she had to do was get Ryan drunk after a Kardashian season premiere, sabotage one of his condoms & somehow become his baby-momma, but she couldn’t pull it off after all the time she & Ryan spent together.