Eva Mendes Owns Hollywood’s Most Prized Calves. DAYUM!

Eva Mendes out and about in NYC

The always-beautifully styled actress was seen catwalking out of her Manhattan hotel yesterday afternoon wearing a short blue printed dress that showcased her flawlessly toned legs.

These days Eva Mendes is working on her actor boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster,” which started filming earlier this spring in Detroit. Along with Eva, the films stars include Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith, & Saoirse Ronan (creepy chick from the horror film ‘Hanna’). The film’s expected to release sometime next year. Plot from its Wiki page: “A single mother enters into a dark lifestyle, while her son uncovers a road leading to an underwater utopia.”

For more detailed closeups of Eva’s award-winning calves, check here.