Michael Cera Took Real Drugs For New Movie

Photo Credit: IFC Films

“You’re a little more sensitive to things. You sort of see the simple things again. You’re sort of reborn.”[HuffPo]

Michael Cera seems to be heading in a different direction than his early ‘adorable dork’ filmography would suggest. In the new film Crystal Fairy, where he plays an American in search of the famed hallucinogen San Pedro in South America, Cera employed something other than simply “acting” for the scene where his character ingests the drug.

“We drank the San Pedro, yeah,” Cera revealed on HuffPost Live. “We do it on-camera. When we drink it in the movie, it was the prop that we used. It was actual drugs.”

For his part, Cera says he didn’t feel anything akin to a high. Co-star Gaby Hoffman, however, was another story.

“She lost her shit,” revealed director Sebastián Silva.