Paula Labaredas Killin’ It In Her Sexy Stars & Stripes Bikini!

Paula LabaredasPhotos courtesy of

Our friend of the site, the patriotic Paula Labaredas, completed killed it in these shots sporting the red, white, and blue. Looking just completely stunning in these bikini shots, Paula topped it off looking cute with her US flags. Makes us wanna stand up to attention and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Couple this post with Paula’s other sexy shots from the other day and though it’s been a week, we have ourselves here the most patriotic sexy lady from this year’s 4th of July. Become one of Paula’s followers on Twitter and Instagram. Also check her out on Facebook and the Paula Labaredas official website.

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  • bryanzee

    Banging tight body. 

  • Mundo Lopez

    Oh that’s a cute little ass, I’d much go for this size then Claudia Romani’s but right now any of the two will do….

  • johnconnor777

    I want to tap that ass

  • curvefan

    ELITE ass.  I’d like to see her with a tan.

  • skilligan

    just an incredible ass

  • ErikColquitt

    Mother of God!!
    Both This Woman and Maria Menunous were Built for Anal Sex.
    That Ass is Special!

    • kljsdkljfklsdjfkj


      LOL, yes Candice and Claudia probably cry when they see this type of bubble ass…just superior.  As far as being built for anal sex..I’m just thankful I have a guy who thinks that’s disgusting because I too have an ass “built for anal” but am not partaking. 🙂

      • johnconnor777

        @kljsdkljfklsdjfkj ErikColquitt I think I speak on behalf on the whole horndog community here that you should put a picture of your ass and let us be the judge of it

  • ErikColquitt

    To each his own.
    And Respect to you and your guy.
    Me and the rest of us here at MJ are Fucking Vikings.
    Nothing nasty or Disgusting about a girl being open to everything on the menu, or the multiple Violent Orgasms that women experience thru anal.
    But once again to each his own.

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