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The Howe Twins Behind The Scenes of “Let Me Explain”

Carla Howe, Melissa HowePhotos courtesy of SunOfHollywood.com

In these exclusive behind the scenes photos of The Howe Twins, Carla and Melissa, the sexy duo hit up the set for Snoop Dogg, Erick Sermon, and Method Man’s single for Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain” in Downtown L.A. Along with Snoop, Erick, and Meth, the Bishop Don Magic Juan weas also on location. This collaboration brought together several long-standing hip hop superstars with Erick Sermon being a pioneer to the game. The Howe Twins definitely increased the heat level of sexiness on set.

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Check out the final product below:

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I'd be more interested in knowing how many times they said yes. 

Mundo Lopez
Mundo Lopez

Makes me wonder sometimes when I see chicks like this two among all those dudes, just how many times they get hit for sex, you know this dudes always have sex on their mind, or is it just me?...well anywho....