Grown Ups 2: Film Review

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures
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At this point in 2013, I have but two regular assumptions to make about people who voluntarily venture to see an Adam Sandler movie: either they are actual 12 and 13 year old mall rats or they simply don’t mind throwing away their hard earned money in the hopes of bolstering the American economy. Their sanity and artistic sensibilities be damned.

So yes. Grown Ups 2 is the disaster you expect it to be. It’s as lame and dumb and numbskulled a movie as can be imagined. If you saw the original (which made hundreds of millions at the box office, by the way) then you know that the story is about four middle aged men that have been friends since high school reuniting to . . . tell bra and fart jokes to each other. This is when they aren’t complaining about their wives – who happen to be Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph. (Aside: please bring me one heterosexual male who would complain about being married to these women. Please do.)

So here’s to hoping this proves the final disaster in Adam Sandler’s long string of laugh-free comedies. He can still act (sort of): just not in an ‘Adam Sandler Movie”.