L.A.: Julianne Hough Rocks Puma Gear While Out Jogging! Is George Clooney Gonna Bag Her Next?

Julianne Hough - out jogging in Hollywood 7:9:13 ADDS-1

Not too many celebs show love to Puma, so it’s nice to see actress Julianne Hough decked out Puma workout gear. The ‘Safe Haven’ star was spotted going for a relaxing job earlier this week.

So, who’s gonna be the lucky Hollywood bigwig to get a piece of Julianne? I say Hollywood bigwig because I just can’t see her dating any good looking Joe Shmoe actor b/c that’ll be a huge downgrade from a lifestyle standpoint, so it’ll be interesting to see who she runs with in the coming months. George Clooney is one name that comes to mind only because he likes hot white chicks, but I feel like he likes his ladies tall & thin, but I’m sure even Georgie can make an exception…

Julianne Hough - out jogging in Hollywood 7:9:13 ADDS-4