Miley Cyrus Rocks Nearly See-Thru Dress in NYC; Is She Trying Too Hard?

Miley Cyrus at 'Good Morning America'

God damn, who the hell is advising her these days anyways? Kris Jenner?

These were snapped yesterday morning as she left ABC studios following a taping of ‘Good Morning America’. You see pics from that appearance here.

On the bright spot, it appears she’s wearing her engagement bling again. Is Miley in denial of the actual circumstances where somebody doesn’t want to marry her, but she thinks otherwise or is she simply using it as a promotional ploy? I’m very confused.

  • Backwoodsman

    Yes, she’s trying to hard.  (And I wish she’d stop)
    Can’t say this one does anything for me, accept for occasionally annoy.  🙂

  • McP

    I’m not going to criticize a woman for trying to be slutty.

  • supersecret

    This pretty much sums up her life 

    • johnconnor777

      supersecret that body is tight… and she is super slutty here, not bad at all

    • McP

      supersecret She’s trying to be the next Madonna.  She’s hotter than Madonna and Lady Gaga, at least, so good for her.

  • SamiY

    She stopped trying and became an outright whore a long time ago.

  • lenilovesfeet


  • skilligan

    don’t enjoy this look at all

  • curvefan

    I wish she would just go ahead and do porn, pose for Hustler, and then start turning trick in Dubai.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    When is she not trying too hard?!

  • ErikColquitt

    Ive read all the comments.
    But i Applaud this formerly Squeaky clean Chicks descent into Debauchery!
    Bring on the pole dancing and eventual Sex Scandals.
    Thanks Disney for creating these Whores.

  • jimbo 77

    Don’t know about trying too hard, but shes making me very hard!!

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