Aspiring Bollywood Star Gemma Atkinson’s Bikini Body Is Still In Tip-Top Shape! OW!


We’re still trying to find the source for these pics in order to get more info, but judging by the pics we found, it’s fairly obvious that 28-year-old Brit lingerie model Gemma Atkinson still has one of the best bikini bodies around. We’ve covered the model for years, so these latest pics snapped sometime earlier this month are just an update.

Most of you guys will be shocked to learn that Gemma is getting her hands dirty with an upcoming Bollywood project. The upcoming suspense-thriller titled ‘Fever’ will hit theaters sometime in September. With a title like ‘Fever’, I gotta admit, I’m very curious. Sadly, the only drawback is that it’s set in Switzerland & not somewhere warmer like the Caribbean. For those of you who’re interested, here’s more about the plot:

An assassin takes on the identity of a writer to escape the law. He has two mysterious and sensuous women masquerading around him – Rhea and Pooja. Suspense builds as they both uncover the truth. Source

Anyway, in case you missed all her previous pics, make sure hit up Gemma’s category! We’ve linked to a few of our favorite sets after the jump…

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