Johnny Depp to Retire from Acting?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“At a certain point, when you get old enough or get a few brain cells back, you realize that, on some level, you lived a life of a fugitive.”[RollingStone]

It’s best to take these “announcements” with a grain of salt (how many times have Cher and Marlon Brando ‘retired’?), but Johnny Depp seems to have grown disenchanted with acting lately. He tells the BBC in a recent interview that while he isn’t throwing in the towel quite yet, he is getting ready to do so.

“Are there quieter things that I wouldn’t mind doing? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that,” Depp says. “I wouldn’t say that I’m dropping out any second, but I would say that’s probably not too far away.”

The actor, who most recently delivered the giant bomb that was The Lone Ranger, further confessed, “At a certain point, you start thinking, and when you add up the amount of dialogue that you say per year, for example, you realize that you’ve said written words more than you’ve actually had a chance to say your own words. You start thinking about that as a kind of insane option for a human being.”

Maybe he’ll change his mind if the fifth Pirates is a blockbuster. Actually, he probably will.

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