2 Guns: Film Review

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
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One thing you can’t say about the new Denzel Washington-Mark Wahlberg action flick 2 Guns is that it’s smart. It’s fairly cartoony and imbecilic, and even that description is a very charitable one. What you can say, however, is that it’s a very fun movie – and in a summer of overly-produced superhero and action flicks aspiring to wed bang-bang scenes with a kind of heroic existentialism . . . well, this silly movie that knows it’s silly is a welcome relief.

Wahsington and Wahlberg play two officers in pursuit of the same thing: justice against a smuggling and money laundering outfit originating in Mexico. Both appear at first to be working for the bad guy. Then you find out that both are actually good guys who both suspect the other of being a genuine baddie. They wind up leading authorities on an insanely convoluted plot against each other that involves the CIA, a double-crossing hottie played by Paula Patton, and more twists and turns than can be counted. By the time 90 minutes had passed, I gave up trying to make sense of the plot.

The good news is that you won’t need to make sense of the plot to enjoy the film. Wahlberg and Washington play their parts with so much charm and attraction (yes, attraction) that you almost get the feeling they are trying to romance each other. A fun twist on an old (and hard-to-decipher) story.