More suspensions in MLB but at this point, is anyone surprised?


A few weeks ago it was Brewers player Ryan Braun who felt the hammer of MLB in their latest attempt to keep professional baseball in this country completely clean. Braun, much like Alex Rodriguez, didn’t go quietly. At least before his suspension Braun didn’t, firing back at anyone who accused him of being part of any sort of PED scandal. Braun went down for the rest of the season and once again, Major League Baseball hands down suspensions to 13 different players headlined by A-Rod, Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta and Everth Cabrera. Those last three players were all-stars this season and for Cruz (Rangers) and Peralta (Tigers) their suspensions could prove more costly as their teams have a real chance of going deep in the postseason. A-Rod, the lightning rod that he is, grabbed the most attention because of who he is, the severity of his suspension and the team he plays for but also because he is choosing to appeal the suspension. Going 1 for 4 last night didn’t help his cause as Rodriguez received plenty of boos while the Yankees lost to the White Sox. A-Rod’s suspension doesn’t go into effect until Thursday but he’s very adamant about fighting this until the bitter end. Stay tuned for more A-Rod drama and the over blown coverage that usually follows anything he does.

So as all this news comes down, once again making people wonder if professional baseball will EVER be clean, one has to wonder: why is anyone still surprised? I’m actually more surprised that it took this long for baseball to find someone guilty this season. I’m going to miss Nelson Cruz as much as any other Rangers fan but at the same time he knew the rules and chose to break them. Players will always try to gain an edge in any sport at any level, especially when it means the difference of an extra digit in your paycheck. Or if it means the difference between making the roster of a major league team. Just take a look at the rest of the players suspended. Most of the list includes players in the minor leagues where it’s clear that they were trying to gain an unfair advantage in order to get that big major league contract. It’s not surprising at all because in most aspects of life, there will always be someone using an unfair advantage to get ahead of their competition. It just surprises me that baseball fans are still taken back by these findings. It’s like they don’t remember late 90s and the height of the steroid era, a time when no player seemed to be completely clean from banned substances. Baseball will never be at that level again and the testing is getting better as years have passed but let’s not be surprised when another player is found guilty. This is just where the game is now and it might not ever go away completely.

On a lighter note, this guy looks like he’s been using plenty of substances so maybe they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.