Sexy or Not: Cheryl Cole Got A Really Big Back Tattoo! Holy Crap!

Cheryl Cole at LAX

Seriously, what the fuck was she thinking?

Let’s hope it’s not actually on her back, but rather simply a design on the tight shirt she’s wearing. If it is actually a tat, I just hope she can laser it off in a few months when she realizes what she did to herself.

I’m sure the tat looks really hot behind closed doors, but since we’re not exactly going back there behind closed doors, we gotta judge the tat from purely on an aesthetic standpoint. That’s gonna look atrocious in a few years and god knows what she’ll look like when she’s rocking a bikini or an elegant gown on the red carpet. Cheryl pretty much became a biker girl.

A huge tat like that is sexy only because it supports the theory that Cheryl Cole must have a crazy pain threshold! God damn!

And also, who was the lucky bastard who got to sit behind Cheryl Cole for days on end drawing that thing on her back? Let’s rack that up as another job we wouldn’t bagging! OW!

Here’s another look…

Cheryl Cole at LAX

  • vamp

    She’s so beautiful because she has Venus conjunct Ascendant in Leo. Venus is the planet that rules beauty in the solar system and the Ascendant is the physical body and how people see us; our general personality. Selena Gomez also has venus conjunct Ascendant in Leo, but not as close as Cheryl’s.. I think her and Selena resemble each other a bit.. but Cheryl is more beautiful to me than Selena. But that tattoo was a bad choice.

  • skilligan

    i don’t think it’s new, its a back piece, i have no issue with it

  • supersecret

    She’s gonna regret that later in life.

    • minny2la

      Why will she regret it? Better question, how do YOU know she will regret it?

  • jwash

    I don’t understand tattoos in general but this is just disgusting. She desecrated her body.

  • ErikColquitt

    Still Wanna Fuck her in the Ass.
    The Tat is a Minor Annoyance

  • Mundo Lopez

    Love that ass hate that tat….still jump her I’d just close my eyes..

  • nybiggs

    This girl is gorgeous but she covered her body in tatoos.. i’m all for self expression and the tasteful tat, but she covered half her body and probably isn’t done yet… just not my thing

  • To me, it depends on the tattoo, but this one doesn’t look all that good.

  • bryanzee

    She’s hot enough to make that ugly tat irrelevant. 
    I want to see it clearly though, might not even be that bad.

  • ErikColquitt

    Its like the Suicide girl/ Hippie chick phenomena here on south street and every other ” Artsy ” street / zone in the world.
    There are some Truly beautiful girls out there with full arm sleeves who look Amazing, but the majority of these chicks ( who have been emulating a punk style from 1979 ) were pale chicks who had Zero going on,
    Add some spiked hair and a Zillion ugly tatoos and they go from being becky from Doylestown to Dodger or Radeo suicide or some other nonsense instead of just being an Original like Joan Jett.
    But to each his own.
    In Cheryl Coles case, this is Horrible seeing as how she was and still is Drop dead Gorgeous, but now that Tat is going to be with her forever, Ruining acting prospects and ruining her red carpet appearances.
    She didnt need it.
    She may as well do porn now.
    Its that bad of a career move.

  • Definitely in the regrettable category. I ended up googling it. Giant rose to cover up a trampy one. Why get a rose that you won’t see? Like the guy she dates would really mean: Hey nice rose?

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Cheryl is the English equivalent of trailer trash. I know that she is attractive but she has taste for shit.

  • curvefan

    It’s a shame she fucked up her body with all that ink versus just using her body for sexual satisfaction.