Sexy or Not: Cheryl Cole Got A Really Big Back Tattoo! Holy Crap!

Cheryl Cole at LAX

Seriously, what the fuck was she thinking?

Let’s hope it’s not actually on her back, but rather simply a design on the tight shirt she’s wearing. If it is actually a tat, I just hope she can laser it off in a few months when she realizes what she did to herself.

I’m sure the tat looks really hot behind closed doors, but since we’re not exactly going back there behind closed doors, we gotta judge the tat from purely on an aesthetic standpoint. That’s gonna look atrocious in a few years and god knows what she’ll look like when she’s rocking a bikini or an elegant gown on the red carpet. Cheryl pretty much became a biker girl.

A huge tat like that is sexy only because it supports the theory that Cheryl Cole must have a crazy pain threshold! God damn!

And also, who was the lucky bastard who got to sit behind Cheryl Cole for days on end drawing that thing on her back? Let’s rack that up as another job we wouldn’t bagging! OW!

Here’s another look…

Cheryl Cole at LAX