Angelina Jolie Catwalks Through LAX With All-Grown-Up Maddox Jolie-Pitt!

Demi Moore Arriving On A Flight At LAX

God damn, did this kid go through a huge growth spurt in the past six to nine months or what because I don’t remember him being this big. Here’s the last time we posted Maddox on the site (but I’m sure he’s been in public more recently):
Maddox Jolie-Pitt

Queen Momma Angelina Jolie arrived with her favorite adopted son Maddox on a flight at LAX (we’re assuming they flew on a private jet). The little dude was looking very stylish carrying a large leather bag while wearing a leather jacket, Aviator shades, a V-neck tee and douche bag beanie. It’s possible Angie’s taking him in for an audition or maybe even accompanying him on the set of his debut film—it’s anybody’s guess, but we’re assuming Maddox wants to wring his extensive network & strong arm his way into the Hollywood. Why not, right?