MIAMI: Laura Cremaschi Suffers Bikini Wardrobe Malfunction While At The Beach!

Laura Cremaschi and boyfriend Andrea Perone enjoy a day out at the beach in Miami

As some of you bastards might remember, we added Laura Cremaschi as one of our 2013 candidates for Bikini Booty of the Year. We didn’t hear from Laura, so we’re assuming she’s still in shock at the honor.

Laura enjoyed the beach with her boyfriend Andrea Perone, who was understandably doing the pimp-walk as he made his way back to the lounge chair. Hey, when you’re walking alongside your hot piece of ass girlfriend doing the pimp walk is not only allowed, but almost expected. He obviously works hard to score chicks like Laura at his age, so why not flaunt it, right?

We should mention that while jumping around in the water, Laura briefly suffered a bikini top malfunction, where one one of her rockies escaped for quick walk with prying members of the papz. So, for all you nipple experts out there, what’s the official classification of Laura’s nips?