Players banned, starting QBs and other news around the NFL

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans

As I’ve stated in the past, it seems like almost every single day there’s another NFL player being suspended. Whether it’s for on or off the field antics, I can’t remember the last time we went more than a couple of weeks without the NFL dealing with a suspension. This week the players making the headlines are Broncos’ LB Von Miller and Texans’ DE Antonio Smith. Miller’s suspension is getting a little more attention because he’s the bigger name, getting the longer ban and plays for the more media-covered Broncos. Von Miller will receive a 6-game suspension that will being to take place the day after Denver’s last preseason game on the 30th of this month. Miller has since apologized for the his actions but it’s not going to be easy to replace one of the key defensive players for a Broncos team that’s looking to be part of the AFC’s elite once against this season. And then there’s Antonio Smith who, after being provoked by Dolphins’ o-lineman Incognito, retaliated by tearing off his helmet and swinging it at him. Yes, Incognito was the one who started the altercation but Smith escalated it to another level. Intentional or not, it’s not how you’re supposed to react in that situation so Smith is getting the ban. Doesn’t two preseason games and one regular season game seem a little light? Not my place to decide.

Other big news around the league included Michael Vick being named the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, it sucks for a Cowboys fan to be discussing to do with the Eagles but at the same time, it affects my team because they’re the opponents at least twice a season. Now Nick Foles will still be on the roster this season but it’s clear that coach Chip Kelly is trying to fully incorporate his high-speed offensive system. I’m a little nervous to see how well they’re system will work, especially after Maclin’s season-ending injury not too long ago. Brandon Weeden was also named the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns. Not something that’s incredibly high on anyone’s list considering their starting QB’s history as of late but you never know. Bears rookie LB Bostic was fined $21k for his hit on Chargers’ WR Willie and while it might seem a bit excessive, the NFL is doing anything and everything it can to prevent any sort of player injury resulting from a hard hit. And of course, the latest Tim Tebow news from Patriots land includes that he’s not worried about the cuts still coming from the Patriots. He’s just trying to improve. Quality journalism, right?

Don’t worry everyone, as of tomorrow it’s EXACTLY two weeks until the NFL season officially kicks off. Can’t wait! Tomorrow we have some pre-season action with the Patriots at the Lions and the Panthers at the Ravens.