Allen Iverson set to officially retire; Chris Paul elected union president


Headline news from the NBA in the middle of August? Yes, it’s true. NBA fans actually have something to talk about during the least interesting time of the year for the league. That’s what happens when one of the league’s all-time greats is finally going to hang up the sneakers. Allen Iverson, despite not having played in the NBA since 2010, is set to officially retire in the coming days accoring to SlamOnline. Iverson’s last official game as a professional basketball player was back in 2011 while playing in Turkey and despite several offers (China, D-League etc.) he always wanted to play in the NBA once again. But it was simply past his time and there was never serious consideration from any NBA team to sign him to a contract. What can we look back at when it comes to Iverson’s career? Well, simply put: there will never be another like him. I think that the biggest thing that i’ll remember is that Iverson always left it all on the court. His actions off the court (practice?!) weren’t always the best but Iverson’s ability to play so hard for so long will always resonate with fans. I mean, the man averaged just over 41 minutes a game over his entire career. Add that to the fact that he was barely 6’0″ but drove past guys a foot taller than him to the rim on a regular basis. From his crossover on MJ early in his career to his step over on Lue in the 2001 Finals and everything in between. I’m going to miss Allen Iverson as one of the true warriors this game has ever seen.

In more official news, Clippers’ point guard Chris Paul has been elected as the president of the National Basketball Players Association. Or the Player’s Union as more people tend to call it. Paul has been an executive vice-president for the past four years so this is a logical step for him but lots of people are still a bit surprised by it. Not because Paul isn’t capable, he’s a natural leader off and on the court, but mostly because it seemed so sudden and it’s not exactly the most sought-after position in sports. The Union has been dealing with a tumultuous past year and half, starting with the lock out and ending with various firings, lawsuits and anything else you can think of. It’s a great move for Chris Paul but it’s going to be a challenge heading forward in trying to right the ship. Other than Paul, only LeBron was considering running for president as a big name around the league. LeBron discussed the position with Paul and other players but ultimately decided not to run for the position. How will Paul do as president? Most likely well because he’s really smart and his personality seems to fit perfectly but it will be very interesting to see how things go after David Stern is no longer commissioner (tenure ends in February) and Adam Silver takes over. Best of luck to Paul and the league as they move forward.

If you’ve got an hour to spare, here’s a nice documentary on Iverson