Ariana Grande vs Becky G – 2013 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Ariana Grande is 20 & Becky G is 16, but not only do they look like sisters, they also both look 12 for some odd reason. Having said that, this post is now officially borderline creepy, so we’ll keep it short.

Since Becky G is a newbie here, here’s more from her Wiki:

Rebecca Marie Gomez (born March 2, 1997), known simply as Becky G, is an American rapper and singer. She started as an online artist on YouTube in 2011. Becky later compiled these covers into a mixtape entitled @itsbeckygomez, and later was featured on “Oath” by Cher Lloyd, “Wish U Were Here” by Cody Simpson, and a remix of “Die Young” by Ke$ha. Becky released her debut single “Becky from the block” in 2013. The music video was also released on April 8, 2013.

Here’s Ariana’s performance during the pre-show. Anybody else think she has hints of Mariah Carey in her voice?

Becky G - 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet Arrivals at the Barclays Center 1a

  • Matilda classy

    ari is so annoying. i hate that dumb voice she does for sam and cat. if she talked normal more id like her more.

  • skilligan

    Ariana is clearly better now, Becky G has long long term potential though

  • lenilovesfeet

    I love Ariana’s legs, she can sing and I think she’s very pretty, also, her feet are beautiful. She is annoying though, and can’t dress.

  • xenia

    Becky is pretty. She looks like a mix of minka kelly and selena gomez

  • DrewMoney

    I do see the Minka resemblance, especially when she’s not smiling. The dark eyes, nose and jaw.

  • curvefan

    Way too many women out there to pay much attention to these two.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I wish Ariana would grow the fuck up. I don’t want her to go the Miley route but she could step it up in the wardrobe dept. She has beautiful legs and feet like Leni said. She is also pretty face and voice wise. But she wants to be a Kewpie doll from the 1950s or something. Maybe she confuses herself with her Cat character. Not sure what the malfunction is but she has not reached her potential in any way yet.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I need to see more of this Becky G.

  • I choose Becky g