Eva Longoria Sends A Cheeky Invitation To George Clooney

Eva Longoria hits the gym in Los Angeles ADDS-1

Looks like somebody is in search of a deep-pocketed boyfriend, who can actually pay for shit as opposed to what Eva Longoria currently has going for herself with 34-year-old Ernesto Arguello, who was a contestant on the now-cancelled reality TV series ‘Ready For Love’, which Eva produced. The dude is always referred to as a Miami-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, so we’re assuming he’s either in real estate or a South Beach nightclub owner.

I think the rumors of Eva wanting a piece of George Clooney were planted by insiders looking to create a politically powerful Hollywood couple. Even though I think Eva might be a little too short, not-enough blonde and possibly too smart & opinionated for George, I can still see George green-lighting the relationship if Eva can agree to being paraded around as his bitch for a few months. As it’s widely known, George likes his ladies to follow orders behind closed doors (i.e. blow me!, bend over now!, motorboat me!, gimme a boob to suck on!, etc.!, etc.!), remain on call for when he wants to have sex or fly to where he’s shooting to pleasure him and also accompany him at various red carpet events without stealing his thunder (i.e. shut the F up & stand to the side). I feel like Eva’s capable of pulling off most of the items on that list, aside from maybe taking orders, talking too much and playing the role of George’s trophy girlfriend while on the red carpet—OK-OK, maybe Eva’s not the right person for George, but hey, it’s not like these two are planning to get hitched!

Eva Longoria hits the gym in Los Angeles ADDS-1A