Lamar Odom’s Mysterious Drug Problem is a White Woman With Blonde Hair!

Exclusive - A Mystery Woman Is Seen Driving Lamar Odom's Car Around LA

Photo Credit: INF Photo

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This latest photo was snapped yesterday as a mystery woman was seen cruising around L.A. inside Lamar’s Mercedes-Benz G500 SUV. Since this woman isn’t that hot, so we’re gonna give Lamar the benefit of the doubt & assume she isn’t the woman he’s been banging on the side.

When Evil Kris Jenner sold the story to TMZ about why her daughter is separating from husband Lamar Odom, she referenced a Lamar’s secret drug problem and also revealed details that the dude has been missing for 72 hours—apparently on a secret cocaine binge with his druggy friends.

Since that story was “leaked” (i.e. sold by to TMZ by Kris Jenner), Lamar Odom’s agent Jeff Schwartz refuted the claims by telling on Monday that, “Lamar is not missing. His wife knows exactly where he is. Playing in the NBA is still very much a part of Lamar’s plans.” (via SI Wire)

What the hell was Lamar Odom thinking when shacking up with the Kardashian family? I hope he does a tell-all interview revealing all the bullshit he suffered through over the past few years.

Also, seeing how shit finally hit the fan for Lamar, I hope Kanye is keeping a close eye on all the drama b/c for all we know, he’s next. It’s only a matter of time until Kris Jenner lands a kill shot on Kanye. Sure, it’ll result in an epic album where Kanye will lyrically shit on the Kardashian family, but it’s gonna be a long & painful road moving forward.

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he HAD to be on crack to marry a Kardashian in the 1st place