Does Eva Longoria Really Need A Police Escort To The Salon?

Eva Longoria seen at a hair salon of Studio City in Los Angeles

It’s not just a one or two police officers, but FOUR—or at least that’s the number we can count in the photo. I guess when you’re the crown jewel of the immigrant community, it’s not all that difficult to pull a few strings & get real cops protecting your ass from…from…the papz?!

Actress & political activist Eva Longoria was seen surrounded by a group of police officers as she walked into the Ken Paves Salon in Studio City over the weekend. Of course, Eva had a huge smile on her face—you know one those “Damn right, my shit smells like roses!!” smiles that people rock when they’re living inside a bubble.

Aside from spending her days catwalking around L.A. looking important, Eva Longoria is also still acting! The 38-year-old Mexican beauty’s latest film is the upcoming drama ‘Frontera’, which also stars Ed Harri and Michael Peña. The film is about a “Sheriff in the U.S. [who] tries to track down an illegal alien involved with a robbery that killed his wife” (IMDb).