Top 4 Best Dressed Ladies at the NBA 2K14 Premiere Party in L.A.

NBA 2K14 Premiere Party

Pictured: Adrianne Curry, Kiarra, Audrina Patridge, and Ciera Parrack

The sexy ladies were out in full force at the Greystone Manor in L.A. to celebrate the latest version of the hit basketball video game, NBA 2K14. The game will officially drop on October 1 for PS3 & Xbox 360. For those of you bagging the new consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), the release dates will be November 15, 2013 and November 22, 2013, respectively.

LeBron James scored the cover honors this year (of course) and also served as the music curator for the game. A few of the names on the track list include Eminem, Drake, Jay Z, John Legend, Kanye West, Robin Thicke & even some Phil Collins!

The game is already getting great reviews: Bleacher Report & USA Today.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    How is Auds still hanging on?

  • curvefan

    Audrina has that “come f*#^ my brains out look but somebody beat you to it”

  • lenilovesfeet


  • skilligan

    Audrina just won’t stay home

  • NY_chrissy

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom done!

  • NY_chrissy

    AdrianneCurry where did u get the dress?

  • cmontcb7

    AdrianneCurry Voted for you!

  • heartagramed

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom Voted for you, now please love me 😉

  • Readergirl51

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom
    Voted for you!

  • Superfight76

    AdrianneCurry I just voted for your sexy ass! Ha! Good luck! U r winning!

  • Mhdoe753

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom got my vote and might I add DAMN GIRL!!!!!

  • SanSooFireman

    AdrianneCurry Voted… Kick ass, Woman!

  • johnconnor777

    I am going to give half vote to Adrianne Curry and the other half Audrina Patridge..

  • MoeJackson

    Adrianne just sent her army here, so let’s hope Audrina does the same…
    I have a feeling Adrianne’s army could crush Audrina’s (assuming she even has an army these days)

    • Spanglylovesheels

      MoeJackson  Are you in personal contact with Adrianne? You move in the hot social circles Moe!

  • josieleemodel

    AdrianneCurry Just voted! Cute dress, girl! Xoxo

  • eddiesooner

    AdrianneCurry I voted for your beautiful ass! And the rest of you too. But who is Adrienne Curry?

  • TyrionXavier

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom How the fuck do they spell your name wrong?!

  • Bruce_Wayne_ny

    AdrianneCurry I would rather buy to see you out of that dress

  • bacchylides1

    AdrianneCurry boom voted. All for you woman lol

  • pratt2007

    AdrianneCurry voting: done!

  • CherylDurst

    Ciera Parrack is awesome.

  • I thought of you Moe when I took this shot of Lala Vazquez. That’s some butt. Oh yeah, and Carmelo was there too. Caption this:

  • JennySteed

    styling screw-up for Audrina Patridge. After looking so hot in Aruba she shows up at the NBA rollout flattened and
    shapeless! UGH! Not one of the hottest at the party! All the stylist had to do
    was give her a good boosting bra with some lift and support and Audrina’s
    cleavage, curves and excellent shape would be there. But no 🙁 Nice hair and
    make-up and a bright smile are not enough! Shape counts!

  • momaw41

    AdrianneCurry moejacksoncom voted for that pretty ass