Emma Watson Stuns @ ‘Gravity’ Premiere in NYC

New York Premiere of "Gravity"

The beautiful Emma Watson, who’s notably absent from Paris Fashion Week, blessed the ‘Gravity‘ film premiere in NYC last night. The $80 million film, which initially premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, will hit theaters this Friday (October 4).

We’ll see Emma grace the big screen next March when she stars in writer, director & producer Darren Aronofsky’s latest project ‘Noah’, which also stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly. Considering Darren Aronofsky was behind such respected films like ‘The Wrestler’ (director/producer), ‘Black Swan’ (director/producer) and ‘The Fighter’ (executive producer), expect his latest effort to be equally praiseworthy when audiences & critics alike get their first nibble.

As for ‘Gravity’, I’m really looking forward to checking this one out! I also have a feeling this will get a lot of love when award season rolls around early next year…


gravity premiere ny

'Gravity' New York Premiere

  • cindy

    Stunning. Best I’ve ever seen her look.

  • DrewMoney

    Emma is the complete package. Perfect 10.

  • mike

    she and Selena always look like little babies to me

    • bryanzee


      Damn nigga u must be old as fuck

      • mike

        bryanzee nope it’s just something about selena face and emma tiny frame.  I like Anna Sophia and she’s younger

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Her head seems to big for her body here. She has that smirk that says she doesn’t buy what she is being told. Great legs and feet.

  • 1st_Class_Army_Sgt

    I love her!

  • bryanzee
  • bryanzee

    This is wifeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • colombiana

    Most overrated woman (or better girl) on the internet.
    She’s plain, boring, I don’t like anything about her. She’s not ugly but if she was my neighbor I would just consider her as the nice 16 years old girl next door.

    • DrewMoney

      Many men, including myself, prefer women with girl next door looks than women who are overly beautiful. With Emma, it’s really all about her eyes. She has great legs and is considered a goddess within the foot fetish community.
      People often rip on women such as Emma or Selena for looking so young, but a youthful look for a woman is an asset. I’ve never heard a woman say that she wished she looked older than her actual age.

  • nrkey

    She’s amazing, sex on legs. Very very nice legs too. From what i’ve seen straight girls usually don’t “get” appeal.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      nrkey  is that a dis on Leni? I hope not. Leni is my friend and I agree with her on most of these comments. Emma is a lovely person but I don’t really find her that sexy. She has nice legs.

      • lenilovesfeet

        aww you’re a good friend, you always defend me :):):)

        • Spanglylovesheels

          lenilovesfeet Oh you know I always have your back! And you look gorgeous in that new headshot. Earlier today all I saw was your pussy. Although I have to say it looked like a nice pussy and one I would not mind getting to know.My cock even looked up at the screen for a moment to admire your pussy but then he trotted off somewhere to do god only knows what. 
           But I wanted to let you know that I couldn’t reply to your question about “cunt” Alba’s  (love how you tipped the cap to me calling her that) legs because that comment is now hidden. When did hiding comments become something we could do here?  Also I couldn’t see the pics you linked to because I can’t access your photobucket.

        • lenilovesfeet

          Oops, I must have deleted it by accident. I’m glad you liked my kitty, I miss her lots, she lives with my parents now. 
          I like Jessica’s legs more than Emma’s. Now JA has thick legs, but they were nice before she had kids, not long, but shapely. Emma has prettier feet.

      • nrkey

        Spanglylovesheels Duh, i cherish the few moments when we actually disagree. 😛

        • lenilovesfeet


    • lenilovesfeet

      I think Emma’s appeal is that she is not intimidating. The kind of girl a
      man knows he has a chance with, and wouldn’t be scared to ask her out.
      She’s average to me.

      • McP

        lenilovesfeet I think it’s more that she has a sweet, innocent, pure look to her, with maybe a little devilishness thrown in that every man wants to nourish.

      • nrkey

        lenilovesfeet See, that isn’t the appeal. 😛 It’s like trying to explain the appeal of Ryan Gosling to someone who isn’t into guys. We understand that his body is attractive, but other than that… what’s the big deal? I’ve seen straight women comment on how they finally “got” Emma’s appeal after seeing her brother, maybe you should google him.  😛

        To me, it’s because she is intelligent and “classy”, strong and independent, and woefully incapable of seeming genuine when she has to do PR. She’s also got a great sense of style, isn’t afraid to experiment and looks good in nearly everything with nearly every hair style and color.

  • curvefan

    You guys can have my turn.