BREAKING!! Selena Gomez Walks & Reads Her Phone AT THE SAME TIME! And, Did She Find A New Man?

Exclusive... Selena Gomez Visits A Medical Building

Hard-working singer & actress Selena Gomez was seen glued to her iPhone as she walked through a parking lot into a medical building in Encino. Looks like Selena’s getting a checkup before she kicks off her two-month long Stars Dance Tour through the country. The first concert will go down in Fairfax, VA on October 10. More dates available here >>>

After hitting up the doctor’s office, Selena was seen walking with a mystery dude wearing a suit in Century City–apparently a business “meeting” according to the papz. So, is this one of her minions or a simple afternoon booty call? Granted, Selena doesn’t look like the type of girl who dabbles in the dirty world of afternoon booty calls, but hey, anything’s possible…

Selena Gomez is glued to her cell phone as she visits a medical building 129038121A