Latina Magazine’s Hollywood Hot List Party: Who Had The Sexiest Side Pose on the Red Carpet? Plus, All Our Fashion Favorites!

Becky G, Mary Miranda, Crash Barrera, Ana Ortiz & Charlene Amoia

Pictured: Becky G, Mary Miranda, Crash Barrera, Ana Ortiz and Charlene Amoia

Wow, this was definitely the event to attend if you have a thing for beautiful Latina chicks! OWW! We’ve intentionally omitted a few of the ladies in attendance for individual posts, so look for those to go up later today. Let’s move our attention to the ladies in hand…

First up are our Sexiest Red Carpet Side Pose candidates. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a shameless sucker for the side pose since it’s the one pose where women have a natural tendency to give a naughty look at the cameras, but the pose also allows us to do a booty inspection, which is a very critical variable in gauging hotness ratings. Who’s with me? With that said, choose your favorite two:

NOTE: We’re learning way after putting together this post that Becky G is 16 & Mary Mirnada is 17, so apologies for putting you bastards on the spot. No offense Becky & Mary, but why you gotta make unsuspecting dudes feel creepy? You can’t be shopping at Bebe & Forever 21 until you’re at least 18!!

Pictured directly below are the Tequila Sisters (where’s the fourth sister?)! Ryan Seacrest really missed out when he let TV Guide Network get the new ‘Tequila Sisters’ reality show. The show will start airing sometime this fall. Hit up the show’s IMDb page for more info. And, Ashley Everett kept it simple on the red carpet, but you can tell, this is a very beautiful woman. Put her in a nice dress & lookout!

The Tequila Sisters and Ashley Everett

Pictured: The Tequila Sisters and Ashley Everett

Crash Barrera (a.k.a. Melissa Eva Barrera—Crash is 10x sexier, in our opinion) is 28! Can you believe it? She used to be the star of ‘The Chicas Project’ for some obscure TV network, but this chick needs a show, damn it!! Why’s Hollywood obsessed with older Latin women when far younger & sexier ones are readily available? I don’t get it.

Jasmine Villegas, who is half Mexican and half Filipino, was definitely one of my favorites at the event. Her red carpet beauty & style looks effortless, which is always a positive. We should also note that she’s a 19-year-old singer out of San Jose, Cali. Hit up Jasmine’s official website for more >>>

Crash Barrera and Yarel Ramos; Jasmine Villegas

Pictured: Crash Barrera (a.k.a. Melissa Eva Barrera) and Yarel Ramos; Jasmine Villegas

Again, apologies for Becky G. I kept thinking it was that singer Jojo for some reason. Tera Perez needs to exchange outfits with Becky G and it’ll be all good! OW!

Susie Castillo, Becky G, and Tera Perez

Pictured: Susie Castillo, Becky G, and Tera Perez

Unknown Sexy Guest and Cindy Vela

Pictured: Unknown Sexy Guest (please help I.D.!) and Cindy Vela