BREAKING! Jessica Alba Feeds Beverly Hills Parking Meter!

Semi-Exclusive... Jessica Alba Gets Pampered

If Jessica Alba wants to become a candidate for Parking Meter Celebrity of the Year, she better get her act together in these final months of the year and try a little harder. I feel like, short of a fashionably sexy miracle, Hilary Duff might have the PMCotY in the bag…
Hilary Duff Runs Errands In Sherman Oaks 1

See what we mean?

As for these latest pics of J.Alba, they were snapped over the weekend as the actress-businesswoman-mommy was seen hitting up a Beverly Hills nail salon. Jessica was out & about a lot over the weekend since she’s one of the stars in the new film “Machete Kills,” which is hitting theaters this Friday. Look for two more sets later this afternoon…