Triple Ls At The Pumpkin Patch: Lacey Wildd Puts All Embarrassing Moms To Shame

Lacey Wildd makes big Halloween pumpkins look rather small

Only because it’s a really slow news day…

Really? Why would any mother put their child through the torture? According to the photo agency snippet below, 45-year-old Lacey Wildd (yup, she spells it with two Ds) got her LLL-sized boobs so that she can support her kids & hopefully retire by the time she hits 48. She apparently wants to “leave a legacy” for her children. Wow.

Here’s more from Splash News:

Reality TV star and actress Lacey Wildd turned heads as she took her daughter shopping for Halloween decorations in an outfit that made some large pumpkins appear rather small. The mum-of-six hit a supermarket in Florida in an outfit that did little to conceal her LLL-size breasts. She will soon be going for even larger breasts though, with an operation set for early next year that will take her breasts to an incredible 42lbs, through donations on her website and social media accounts she has raised $23,000 for the procedure. In recent interviews, she admitted she already struggles to find clothes that fit her unusual shape and that she is scared about her health following the next op. The 42-year-old admitted she’s a “walking time bomb.” But she said she wants to “leave a legacy” for her children, aged 6 to 29. “My goal was never to be famous,” she said. “My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them.” With the additional TV appearances, film work and subscriptions to her website,, she says she has “quadrupled” her income from 2012. She wants to retire in three years, at age 48.

Lacey Wildd makes big Halloween pumpkins look rather small