DAAYUM! Nicole Scherzinger Rocks One Of The Sexiest Leather Dresses Of All Time!

Celebrities Leave Riverside Studios


If any of you ladies want to ever rock a leather dress, make sure you use these pics to help guide you because Nicole Scherzinger is absolutely killing it from every possible angle—regardless of whether she’s getting in & out of the cab or if she’s catwalking around.

We aren’t perfectly sure if that thing was painted onto Nicole’s body (if so, how do I apply for that job?) or if she paid some designer to come to her hotel room & sew it onto her naked body (again, I’ll learn stitching just so I can land this gig!) because it looks like that dress fits like a glove.

The sexy former Pussycat Doll was seen leaving Riverside Studios after filming an episode of the British comedy show ‘Celebrity Juice‘ in London.