MIAMI: Deimante Guobyte Shows Off Her Near-Flawless Bikini Body!

Deimante Guobyte in a white and black bikini at the beach in Miami

DAAYUM! So, who’s Deimante Guobyte?! Aside from the fact that she’s Lithuanian and girlfriend of R&B singer Maxwell (at least they were going out as of early August), we don’t know much more about Deimante, unfortunately. She really needs to get her agency to create a page for her on Wikipedia! She’s currently signed with Elite LA and Miami,

These latest pics were snapped earlier today as she the beautiful model was seen catwalking around the beach in Miami wearing a mismatched bikini. She wore a white triangle top coupled with black bottoms. I’m gonna assume those are implants, but maybe one of you experts can chime in with a more definitive answer.

And of course, in case you guys with deep pockets wants to hire Deimante for a marketing gig, here’s a casting video she did when she was 19 (assuming a couple years ago)…

UPDATE: Hit her up on Facebook.

Deimante Guobyte in a white and black bikini at the beach in Miami

  • McP


  • ErikColquitt


  • Mundo Lopez

    Not Bad, not bad at all…

  • DrewMoney

    No. Fake tits and a flat ass.

  • MoeJackson

    odd that some dig her, while others don’t give a shit…

    • McP

      MoeJackson Those who dig her don’t pay attention to details.

  • curvefan

    There’s not special about her and that flat wide ass is a big NO.

  • johnconnor777

    Did they shoot on exactly the same condo Nina!??? Elite really optimize its resources..