Alyssa Miller Absolutely Kills It @ 2013 Angel Ball in NYC

2013 Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Angel Ball

When it came to overall sexiness, Alyssa Miller hit it out of the park last night. The sexy 24-year-old S.I. Swimsuit model showed off her near-flawless style as she made love the flashing cameras with seductive gazes that I’m sure won her a few new fans at the party.

Unfortunately for the cadre of Wall St. execs & single sugar daddies in attendance, Alyssa’s currently dating Jake Gyllenhaal and for the first time in his extensive dating career, I feel like he knows he caught his golden fish! OW!

  • Mundo Lopez

    I like…very much….

  • lenilovesfeet

    She’s gorgeous, I love her face. If she only had a longer neck she’d be perfect.

    • McP

      lenilovesfeet She’s flawless, tell me why I’m not more wowed by her.  I honestly can’t put my finger on it.

      • lenilovesfeet

        Maybe it’s her eyebrows or her figure? She doesn’t have much curves.

        • McP

          lenilovesfeet Maybe she’s femininely handsome?

      • errsome

        McP lenilovesfeet Same here. Not wowed by her.

      • McP

        OK, I take that back, it seems to just be the hair and makeup here.  THIS wows me:

  • Mike

    nice to see a beautiful face after all the butterfaces

  • colombiana

    24?? she looks like 30.
    She’s pretty, but somehow I don’t like her nose and mouth. Not elite at all.

  • skilligan

    extremely pretty

  • DrewMoney

    Why did she cut her hair? She was almost a member of my exclusive elite club, but now, no.