Hollywood Moms January Jones & Jennifer Garner Need To Take Style Tips From Lola Ponce! DAAYUM!

January Jones Takes Her Son To Get A Haircut

Wow, how absolutely amazing does Argentine singer Lola Ponce look? It’s not everyday you see women simultaneously embracing sex-appeal & motherhood while cruising around a Miami mall with her baby daughter hanging from a Baby Björn! Major props to you, Lola!! Stay sexy!

We wish we could similarly butter up Hollywood mommas January Jones & Jennifer Garner as they were spotted running errands around L.A. yesterday afternoon. January was getting her son Xander a haircut in Beverly Hills, while Jennifer was out & about in Santa Monica with her son Samuel, who apparently didn’t even change out of his pajamas after waking up.

These ladies look like physically exhausted single moms who work three jobs to make ends meet as opposed to millionaire actresses who can hire an army of Help so they can take a few extra minutes to clean themselves up. To January’s credit, she’s a single mom & doesn’t have trouble wooing Hollywood bigwigs.

I know for a fact Ben Affleck wouldn’t mind if Jennifer Garner put a little more effort in choosing far sexier outfits, doing her hair from time to time & maybe even putting on a little makeup. It’s a good thing Ben keeps himself super busy so that he doesn’t have time to think about what he’s missing—although I’m sure he lives vicariously through his good friend George Clooney.

Lola Ponce Takes Her Daughter Shopping In Miami