Victoria Justice Graduates From Nickelodeon to MTV; Films ‘Eye Candy’ Pilot in NYC

Actress Victoria Justice films 'Eye Candy', an MTV pilot, in East Village in New York City

For those of you who’ve been anxiously awaiting for Victoria Justice to finally showcase her beauty the way it was meant to be showcased, I feel like the time has arrived. The shrewd masters of exploitation at MTV somehow convinced Victoria Justice & her overly conservative team that doing a show on their network would be a good move for her career. Let’s just say, the end result should be very interesting.

The 20-year-old actress was seen on the set of the MTV pilot for ‘Eye Candy’ wearing ripped jeans, a green leather jacket, and biker boots while walking around NYC’s East Village—pretty much everything we’ve come to NOT expect from Victoria. Needless to say, this is all very promising. ‘Eye Candy’ apparently tells the story of a woman who suspects that one of her online dates is a serial killer, which, I must admit, is a dark & interesting twist in a show that we’re sure will feature Victoria in long & passionate make-out sessions with various guest actors posing as dudes she’ll meet online. OWW!