Gwyneth Paltrow Being Encouraged to Gain Weight to Shed Negative Image

Photo Credit: Corkery/News, Handout

“Gwyneth did not participate because we were not promoting anything for the month they wanted to run the story, which was October. She never asked anyone to boycott the [Vanity Fair Oscar] party, she just asked her friends not to give quotes about her.” [HuffPo]

So the story here is that no one (and I mean no one) much likes Gwyneth Paltrow because of her “Little Miss Perfect” image. Movie audiences have shunned her (when she isn’t starring opposite Robert Downey) and her musical career has turned out less impressive than Mariah Carey’s acting debut in Glitter. On top of all that, Vanity Fair is still planning to run what many are calling an ‘epic takedown piece’.

The remedy for what ails The Paltrow is apparently . . . to get fat. For a movie. Seriously.

According to RadarOnline, “It looks like she will have to undergo either some weight gain for a role that wins her Bridget Jones-style sympathy or perhaps do a play on Broadway or in London that will allow her to reconnect with her core fans. She knows there’s a problem, and is focused on fixing it. She’s completely lost the public’s sympathy with her ‘little miss perfect’ image.”

And so the question remains: is all that stands between Paltrow and an adoring public . . . a little more of Paltrow to love?

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