Say Hello to Lisa Opie! Showering in Her Bikini in Miami! OW!!

Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie was Miss Virgin Islands 2013 and 4th Runner Up at Miss United States. She’s a swimsuit designer, model, actress, and entrepreneur. She also went to the pool the other day and was photographed showering after taking a dip. Her line is called Vizcaya Swimwear and features luxury designs inspired by the resort city of San Sebastian, Spain. The name Vizcaya originated from the street she lived on (Carrer de Vizcaya) when she lived in Barcelona, Spain. Learn more about Lisa but not until after you’ve checked out all the sexy bikini photos in the Gallery.

  • Mundo Lopez

    Dang…she’s got a nice body, and beautiful skin…

  • Rand

    Can we please see more photos of her

  • ErikColquitt

    Lord Have Mecy.
    She can get the Business.
    ( as i say when a Girl is So Hot that my Tongue would Be in Every Orafice )….
    Elbows, Toes and AssHoles.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Nothing wrong here….!!!!

  • wow…….

  • skilligan

    tremendous body