Adam Sandler, Aniston & Heigl Top “Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors” List

Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America

“When it comes to selling tickets at the box office, Aniston, for all her apparent popularity, seems remarkably … unpopular.”[HuffPo]

Guess who isn’t bringing home the bacon? Well, actually they are bringing home the bacon . . . we just can really discern why they’re getting so many choice slices.

According to Forbes, the MOST overpaid actors in Hollywood include Adam Sandler at No.1, along with Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston and Nicholas Cage. All of these A-List names made it to this dubious honor because their movies tend to make little to no money, leaving us to wonder how they manage to make so much money in the first place.

According to Forbes, for every dollar invested in a Sandler movie, just $3.40 is made on average return. Yeowch.

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Aniston and Heigl earn their parts on the couch.