MIAMI: Bikini-Clad Brooklyn Decker Suffers Nip-Slip Wardrobe Malfunction

Brooklyn Decker - nipslip at a bikini photoshoot on a beach in Miami ADDS-189273

It was a fairly harmless nip-slip, so no worries, Brooklyn! It’s just nice to see Brooklyn Decker going back to doing what initially put her in the spotlight—showing off her amazing body in a bikini! At times it seems like the Hollywood fame distracted the S.I. Swimsuit cover girl from her bikini modeling career, which is very unfortunate when you consider such careers very short-lived.

We’re still trying to gather more info about this shoot, but all we know is that they were snapped yesterday afternoon on the beach in Miami. Now we just need to get Irina Shayk out there on the beach a few times to close out the year and holidays will officially kick ass!


  • curvefan

    I’ve met her and she is even more beautiful in person that in these pictures.  The bikini company can’t be happy with Brooklyn wearing a bottom with a hole in it.

  • Mundo Lopez

    Well I would ….no question about it….

  • johnconnor777

    I’d love to suck on these puppies

  • Backwoodsman

    Hah!  Too funny.Nice catch.

  • McP

    She’s a solid 4, maybe even a weak 5.

  • lenilovesfeet

    5 is about right, 1 point goes for boobs. Face is weak.

  • ErikColquitt

    What a Difference a couple of years make.
    Remember back in 2010 when this chick was all over the place.
    I said she was Average at Best, yet she was in an Adam Sandler movie, and got the SI cover.
    Now flash forward to 2013, and a Brooklyn Decker sighting is about as rare as seeing a kid Excited about Easter.

  • colombiana

    I was so shocked when I read that she’s just 6 months older than me. I always thought she was 30-35

    • MoeJackson

      @colombianaya, age won’t be kind to her, unfortunately…